Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis | Marijuana Use in Epileptic Patients: Here’s What the Science Suggests

Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis

Cannabis use can provide symptom relief for a variety of physical and mental health issues, including headaches, anxiety, and depression. Research also indicates that cannabis can be an effective treatment for symptoms associated with epilepsy.  What is epilepsy? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website states that there are approximately three million adults … Read more

Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis | THC vs. CBD: Which One Should I Use to Alleviate Body Aches?

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If you struggle with chronic pain or body aches, you may have heard about using cannabis products to treat your symptoms. You may also be confused regarding which type of cannabis is best for your particular situation. Read on to learn a bit more about CBD and THC, the compounds in cannabis that address inflammation … Read more