Laytonsville Cannabis Certification | What to Know When Buying Cannabis Products

After you’ve obtained your MMCC patient ID card, you’ll be ready to begin your cannabidiol therapy. Before treatment, it is important to do your research before purchasing any medical cannabis products.


When utilizing CBD to treat symptoms of a medical condition, make sure you have done ample research related to usage. A one-time use of CBD may not render the expected results. It’s also possible, like with any supplement or medication, that the results vary from person to person.

Go to a Licensed Dispensary

We recommend going into a state-approved dispensary when purchasing your cannabis products. These dispensaries offer ongoing quality-control measures.  Maryland law states that licensed growers/dispensaries must test every batch of medical cannabis using a third-party laboratory to ensure the quality of the product and your safety. You can visit the MMCC website for a list of dispensaries.

Buying Online

If you’re considering buying any CBD or cannabis products online, we’d caution you to do a significant amount of research beforehand. Depending on where the actual dispensaries are located, some buyers have reported their purchases have been held up in customs while others have noted that the quality of their purchase was lacking, and some products, particularly CBD oil products, contained alarming and dangerous additives.

Before purchasing online, you may consider learning how your products are packaged. Many online dispensaries will use discreet packaging to maintain the privacy of your purchase.

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