Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis | What’s That Smell? An Introduction to Terpenes

Have you ever smelled a flower or other aromatic plant and wondered what was causing that wonderful smell? The next time you smell a bouquet of roses, or drink a cup of tea, you can thank little compounds called terpenes for giving plants their flavors and aromas. Every kind of aromatic plant, including marijuana, has its own unique signature and combination of terpenes.

In marijuana, terpenes are the compound that produce that distinctive, skunky smell you may be used to. Between strains however, there are big differences, some of which are medical in nature.

In the cannabis family specifically, there are strains that can relax and some that can energize. There are also unique strains of cannabis with specific healing properties and characteristics. Some are best suited to handling inflammation, pain reduction and even insomnia. Studies have also shown that terpenes have antibiotic properties.

In fact, terpenes are so important to the medical function of marijuana that, in some cases, the THC and CBD content could be the same between strains that have very different effects.

Like CBD, terpenes are non-psychoactive and are sold legally in all 50 states when isolated. As for what conditions they can be used to treat, the list is as long as the number of terpenes that exist. If it all seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry.

Our team will help you choose the best option for you, and if you’d prefer to stick to the basics, you’ll still receive excellent options that will cater to your needs. Whichever route you decide to choose, schedule an appointment with our office. We will answer any questions you may have and make sure you are confident in your decision.

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