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Over the years, medical cannabis has become a topic in treating all sorts of medical conditions. Cannabis can help with all sorts of issues, such as anxiety, nausea, nerve pain, epileptic seizures and so much more.

If you suffer from any of these things, you may be qualified for a medical cannabis card in your state. For some of us, starting that conversation with your doctor may feel quite difficult. It is important to do your research to become more informed and comfortable with what you would like to ask.

Here are some tips on how to help you begin to discuss your options. 

More Ways Than One

There is a lot of stigma around the use of marijuana, and it may make you have worries of feeling judged for asking about it. There is absolutely no reason to feel this way, because your doctor’s job is to not judge you but to provide you with the best care possible.

A tactic you can use is to bring up a “friend” who has been using medical marijuana and how you are curious if it could work for you too. Also, you could mention a book, documentary, or news article about it discussing the benefits. These tactics can help break the ice when starting a conversation with your doctor. 

Your Doctor May Not Be An Expert

There are select states that allow the use of medical marijuana, so it may be a smart idea to find out if your state offers it first. Since not every state has passed medical marijuana laws, your physician may not have training on the products, proper doses, or treatments.

It is important to ask your doctor if they have been educated on medical cannabis in any way in order to find out how knowledgeable about it they are. Make sure you know their background in order to get the best advice and care possible.

There Are Options

You can definitely talk to your doctor about treatment options if you have a condition that qualifies for the use of medical marijuana in your state. If your primary doctor isn’t comfortable making recommendations for medical marijuana, that’s okay. It is a possibility they just don’t know enough about it to feel comfortable giving you the right information.

There are options for you including a referral to a different doctor, or you can find medical cannabis practitioners online through resources like the Medical Marijuana Association. The main goal is to determine what makes sense for you and your health through informed decisions.

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