Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis | Why More Elderly Patients are Turning to Medical Marijuana

People often joke about the feelings of hunger marijuana is known to cause. However, this effect can be incredibly helpful for elderly patients. Why? As people age, it is common for appetites to decline despite an increased need for proper nutrition. Our bodies rely on substantial amounts of healthy foods to keep the effects of aging at bay and protect us from disease. To ensure seniors are getting the necessary nutrition, a growing trend has seen older generations beginning to use medical marijuana to increase their appetite. Below, we’ll outline some of the science behind this effect and why it can be a real help to those with a low appetite.
Laytonsville MD Medical Cannabis | Why More Elderly Patients are Turning to Medical Marijuana
How Medical Marijuana Helps

Changing anandamide levels: After you’ve finished a large meal, a hormone called leptin is released to tell the body to stop eating. The problem arises when leptin signals at other times, even when someone isn’t eating enough. Anandamide on the other hand, helps to make you feel hungry. As an endocannabinoid, anandamide works with your cannabinoid receptors. Using cannabis medicine sends compounds that resemble anandamide to your cannabinoid receptors, counteracting leptin and giving you that hungry feeling.

Increasing taste and smell: As we age, our senses of taste and smell can rapidly decline. When the foods you once enjoyed now seem bland and plain, it’s enough to kill anyone’s appetite. Medical marijuana can help by increasing your sense of smell, improving your sense of taste, and making food taste better.

Enhancing dopamine production: You’ve probably heard of dopamine, the hormone responsible for creating positive feelings and associations in our brains. Medical marijuana stimulates the brain’s dopamine receptors, giving users positive reinforcement when they eat. This effect can potentially make eating easier in the future.

Your doctor will have much more information if you are interested in any of the beneficial aspects of medical marijuana. To learn more, contact our office and set up an appointment today.

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